Being a parent is not always easy. We know.

One of the great pleasures in life is to sit with your child and read a story, play silly games, have fun, and to discover things together.

In today’s busy world, it’s often easier to hand a child a smartphone or tablet device while you manage everyday chores.

However, we recognise the rewards of spending time together and how important it is to develop a child’s essential skills at a young age.

That’s why we’re offering the best of both worlds with Bean&Gone™, providing both digital and physical products, meaning parent and child get something from time they spend together.


It’s time for adventure with Bean&Gone™

Bean&Gone™ will soon be launching both digital and physical products for the 21st Century with Bean&Gone™ bedtime books, colouring pads, interactive storybooks, AR/VR mobile apps and many more fun and enjoyable products.

Made for families — Children can create and have fun with our lovable Bean characters, while parents/caregivers will be able to interact with a multi-layered story from a rich new world of discovery.

The story continues — While our printed storybooks follow a set, linear path, our interactive storybooks enable both parent and child to make decisions on the direction of the story and how it should flow. With up to nine choices available for each story, there are captivating and long-lasting memories to be had as the Bean&Gone™ series reaches out to children and parents in a way no other book series has before.

So sit back, relax, and join our eclectic cast of Beans on adventures of a lifetime.

Behind the Beans!

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